Thieyacine Fall

Founder | Digital Producer

Thieyacine has held positions in the world of fashion, design, real estate and the culinary field. However, throughout his life horology has always been his deep passion.

Thieyacine was born in Dakar, Senegal and immigrated to New York’s Upper East Side in the mid 80s. His father, being a career diplomat, inspired and taught him the importance of carrying yourself with self-respect, impeccable manners and a serious watch, of course. He first fell in love with his father’s gold, quartz powered Omega he had purchased in Geneva in 1987, and wished to one day own something similar.

Thieyacine started Montarr Media with the belief that more people need to learn how to make sound investments in the luxury market, leaving him to take on the challenge of delivering compelling, creative and educational video content.


Drenusha Carkani
Creative Director

With an M.S. in Social Welfare from Sweden and an AAS in Business Management from FIT in New York, Drenusha has throughout her career aimed at developing communities.

Previously she has produced career programs for young professionals interested in working internationally. She has also consulted multiple fashion brands by supervising seasonal look books for advertising campaigns while cultivating different brand voices through essential copywriting services.

As the Creative Director of Montarr Media, Drenusha is responsible for developing creative content ideas and editing for website and social channels. Her goal is to produce diverse content that exceeds public expectations, deepens relationships and engages audiences in a broader conversation about creative communities.